Federal Bail Bonds

A federal bail bond is required when the defendant has been charged with a federal offense. Federal offenses requiring a federal bail bond crimes include defacement of federal property, crimes that entailed the crossing of state lines, crimes investigated and prosecuted by federal agencies, such as the FBI, and offenses such as kidnapping, tax evasion, drug trafficking, and fraud. Federal cases are handled by the federal district court and the bail bond amounts are usually much higher than those set for county or state courts.

Typically the defendant can expect to pay a higher premium for a federal bail bond. This may be 15% of the bond amount instead of the usual 10% required for cases involving a county or state bail bond. Federal case defendants may also be required to address a Nebbia Hearing. A Nebbia hearing is a special hearing the federal courts us to document and prove that the funds and collateral being used for the federal bail bond are not coming from an illegal source or from the proceeds of any illegal activities. The Nebbia requirement is that the defendant and the co-signers of the bond must prove to the prosecutors the legal origin of all collateral and premiums paid for the bond

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