Faroy Bail Bonds Services

State Bonds – We can issue state bail bonds that can get a defendant released from jail. In many cases we are able to issue these bonds without collateral, depending on the situation. Give us a call 24 hours a day/7 days a week when you need the help of a bail bondsman you can rely on. Whether you, your friend, or your loved one is in need of a bail bondsman, you can expect the best customer service from an experienced and capable team.

Federal Bonds – Faroy Bail can issue federal bail bonds which can be used to secure the release of the defendant pending trial at a later date. Faroy Bail’s 30 plus years of experience providing bail bondsman services allows us to help you should you require a federal bond.

Nebbia Proffer – Faroy Bail can help defendants who require Nebbia Proffer services. We thoroughly prepare Nebbia Proffers and hearing materials documenting the sources used to underwrite bonds and can help your attorney prepare for Nebbia proceedings.

Faroy Bail are a professional and caring bail bondsman firm. We provide experienced bail bond service services with a compassionate, human touch that helps you and your loved ones know that your freedom, and the resumption of your normal, everyday life matter to us. Our office is dedicated to expediting your release and helping you move on with your life. Call us today at 305-642-1986 for immediate bail bond services.